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Mom, Where Do Customers Come From? (guest link - Coaching by Megan) 2016

Separating Survival From Work: The Quest for a Guaranteed Income
Jim Smith, L.A.Labor News, 1996, re-posted 2013

The High Costs of a Leaky Roof Society
C. L'Hirondelle Feb. 26 2013

What's in a Name: Livable or Basic Income or ?
C. L'Hirondelle Aug. 5, 2012

Guaranteed Income Makes Fertile Ground For Green Ideas
C. L'Hirondelle July 23, 2012

Jobs and Basic Income Law
Elliot Sperber, July 6, 2012

Vested Interests as a Barrier to Change
C.L'Hirondelle, July 2, 2012

Reflections on the North American Basic Income Congress Toronto - 2012
Tim Rourke, June 9, 2012

Time To Change The World: universal livable income and free time
C.L'Hirondelle June 5, 2012

The Status Syndrome: why people abuse service workers and don't want a boring basic income - C.L'Hirondelle May 22, 2012

Emotion Work - Dec. 2012

Do we want the human species to continue?
C.L'Hriondelle May 13, 2012

Updated: The Fraser Institute: Non-profit, tax-deductible, charity?
J.S. Larochelle, December 2005, updated Sept. 2011

Basic Income from a Millionaire's Perspective
By P.D. Fernhout, posted July 23, 2011

Guaranteed Livable Income (Basic Income) and Population Part II
By C.L'Hirondelle Aug. 1, 2011

Guaranteed Livable Income (Basic Income) and Population Part 1
By C.L'Hirondelle July 12, 2011

Ecological Resources and Funding a Global Basic Income
by Alex Arin June 26, 2011

Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Stumbling on the Transition
by C.L'Hirondelle June 19, 2011

The Manly Mythology of Work Part II
by C. L'Hirondelle June 12, 2011

The Manly Mythology of Work Part 1
by C. L'Hirondelle June 5, 2011

Crapitlism - A Definition and Cure
by C. L'Hirondelle May 27, 2011
(See also CRAPITALISM (iatrogenic vs livable economice) on youtube

A Tale of Two Memes Part II: Turning Abundance into Scarcity
by C. L'Hirondelle May 2011

A Tale of Two Memes Part 1: Abundance vs. Overpopulation (Scarcity)
by C.L'Hirondelle, May 2011

The Myth of Self-Reliance - We All Depend on Others
by C. L'Hirondelle, April 2011

The Stupidity of Economic Growth
Quotes page
by C. L'Hirondelle, March 2011

The Most Boring Article You Will Ever Read
by C.L'Hirondelle, Jan. 2011

7 Reasons Obama should support a Guaranteed Livable Income
by C. L'Hirondelle, Sept. 2010

Canadian Political Primer on Guaranteed Livable Income
by C. L'Hirondelle, Sept. 2010

Questions on Work
by Sam Alexander, July 2010

Minimum Wage For Everybody
by America is Doomed, July 2010

Canadian Reports on Guaranteed Income
June 2010

Let them eat poverty reports
by C.L'Hirondelle, June 2010

On Basic Income: Interview with Götz Werner
Jens König / Hannes Koch, translated by Florian Piesche, Dec. 2009

Why a Basic Income
Sam Alexander, Nov. 2009

Economic Foundations & Environmental Progress
M. Alexander Barker, Nov. 2009

Manitoba Mincome Study
Tim Rourke, October 2009

Updated Sept. 2009: The Fraser Institute: Non-profit, tax-deductible, charity?
J.S. Larochelle, from December 2005

GLI and the Constitution's "Security of the Person"
C.A. L'Hirondelle, August 2009

Martin Luther King zum Bedingungslosen Grundeinkommen
June 2009

Free Market Charities Don't Practice What They Preach
an illustration... by L & L, June 2009

"Poor" people ARE NOT the cause of poverty
J.S. Larochelle & C. L'Hirondelle, Jan. 08

Habitual Political Self-Censorship
C. L'Hirondelle, Jan. 08

The Magic of the Market
J.S. Larochelle, Jan. 08

Greenspan book review
J.S. Larochelle, Nov. 2007

Defining Money and Productive
C. L'Hirondelle, Nov. 2007

Baby steps to a guaranteed income
C. L'Hirondelle, August 2007

Discussion about work and GLI
LIFE members, July 2007

Political mobilization and false dichotomies
GLI not Prozak, July 2007

Too long already
August, July 2007

Remember and Ask Why
LIFE, Aug. 2007

Why the Quotes?
LIFE, Aug. 2007

A GLI until something better can be found
Skeletonwoman, July 2007

Feminist Agenda? Get a Job!
Lillian Hanson, July 2007

Can Air Pollute?
Veronica Walsh, July 2007

The Wall of Silence (updated Aug. 2007)
C.L'Hirondelle, September 2006, July 2007

"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?"
J.S. Larochelle & C. L'Hirondelle, July 2007

The Costs of Poverty
Veronica Walsh, July 2007

A Guaranteed Livable World
V.H., April 2006, July 2007

The Last Taboo: How Jobs Cause Poverty
. J.S. Larochelle, Jan. 2003, Intro C.L'Hirondelle Sept. 2006

Self-esteem, commie ideas and women's poverty
C. L'Hirondelle, 2006

Guaranteed Livable Income is Arterial
Matt Fair, November 2006

A Call to Action
Florence Richard, Oct. 2006

SocioEconomic Democracy Book Review
C. L'Hirondelle, Oct. 2006 *

Can Jobs at Starbucks End World Poverty
C. L'Hirondelle, Oct. 2006

Read all about it: Vancouver Sun now blames poverty on Victoria activist!
J.S. Larochelle, September 2006

Guaranteed Livable Income and the Golden Rule
J.S. Larochelle & J. Bandcroft, September 2006

Top Ten Reasons to be Opposed to a GLI
J.S. Larochelle, May 2006

End Slavery with a GLI: change your life and everyone else's
Stephanie Lovatt, March 2006

'Economic Scientists'??
J.S. Larochelle, March 2006

The Fraser Institute: Non-profit, tax-deductible, charity?
J.S. Larochelle, December 2005, updated Sept. 2011

Who's afraid of a GLI?
C. L'Hirondelle, December 2005

LIFE analysis of TD Special Report: From Welfare to Work
Larochelle & L'Hirondelle, October 2005

Why Peace and other good things are bad for the economy
J.S. Larochelle, September 2005

FailSafe Humanity
Sharon Lee Robinson July 2005

Boycott the Mass Media and hold public meetings
J.S. Larochelle, April 2005

My Take on "The Take"
C. L'Hirondelle, April 2005

Housework Under the Market
C. L'Hirondelle, March 2005

The True Nanny State
Stephanie Lovatt, March 2005

The Pictou Statement - English
The Pictou Statement - French
The Pictou Statement - Spanish
From the Canadian Woman Studies Journal, Dec. 2004

Eve, Adam and the Market
J.S. Larochelle, January 2005

Ending Global Conflict with Fantasyland
J.S. Larochelle, December 2004

What If All World Leaders Are Stark Naked?
J.S. Larochelle, November 2004

Productive Choice
C. L'Hirondelle, October 2004

Mothernomics - The Economics of Motherhood
C. L'Hirondelle, May 2004

Free Market Economic Lies that Kill
J.S. Larochelle , June 2003

Notes from "Income" Working Group -- Assembly to End Poverty
Feb. 2003

Why Women would Gain from a Guaranteed Income
C. L'Hirondelle, March 2002 (posted 2004)

What is Productive
Matt Fair, 2001 (posted 2004)

Lies, Lies and More Lies
Naja Sorella, 1998 (posted-May 2008)

Letter to today's unemployed
Steve Brodie, 1996 (Posted 2006)