Productive and Unproductive
By Matt Fair - 2001

"The Exxon Valdez was a hugely productive oil spill," Waring told the audience with a hint of irony.

"When you yearn for a breath of nature's fresh air or a glass of radioactive-free water, remember that the UNSNA says that both are worthless."

Let's talk economics!

1a. You and your best friend go out in your car toward London Drugs, to be productive (consumers). A guy has just come from a shopping spree at the liquor store ( Productive ), and has been sampling from a bottle in a paper bag. Wham! He smashes into your car, your friend is killed, you end up a quadriplegic. Productive !

1b. You go on your bikes with your lover to a little-known park on a sunny day. Birds singing, sun warm. You stop to eat blackberries. You have a great talk about your childhoods, end up making love, and leave the place in a state of deep serenity. UNproductive .

2a. In a snarky mood, you torch your neighbour's house. She loses everything-- family photos-- everything. She is carried out, alive but crispy. Productive!

2b. You remove a fence, share garden with your neighbour. You harvest it together and have friends over for a feast. Good talk, good food. UNproductive.

3a. You talk someone out of suicide. They are inspired, and go volunteer at a hospice, make life better for the dying. UNproductive.

3b. You rape and kill 11 children or more. Lead cops and media a merry chase for years. Productive!

4a. You grow organic garlic. Give some as a gift to your neighbour who has cancer. He is cured over a period of a year. UNproductive .

4b. You work for Philip Morris-- 300,000 deaths a year in US: Productive!

5a. You sit by the Hudson river and remember old songs, you dream of a better world. UNproductive .

5b. You hijack a jet airliner, slit throats with an X-acto knife, and plow into a tall building, causing 3000 deaths. Tremendously productive!

So goes, fellow humans, the economic measure.

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