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Good News! There are so many new articles about this topic that after February 2014, links will no longer be updated here. Instead check Basic Income News and the Basic Income Community on Reddit.

Note: Be wary of a "foundation" abusing terms 'basic income' and 'living income' (and publishing the "LIG" newsletter) These terms are being used to attract people to sign up to their multilevel marketing scheme. Read post by Orthelis and an indepth blog critique .

2014 Links

Review the future podcast on Technological Unemployment and possible solutions - Tech news on automation
Boston Globe - Should the Gov't Pay Everyone to be Alive?
Why we should give free money to everyone - Decorrespondent
5 Economic Reforms Rolling Stone
Basic Income Working Paper - Scottish Campaign for Fair Society
Low Maintenance Lifestyle and Basic Income
Ed Dolan's series on universal basic income
Poverty Amid Plenty (1969 USA) - Bruenig
Andrew Coyne - Canada - National Post on minimum income
Alive in the Sunshine - Jacobin Magazine
The Jobs Are Never Coming Back -
- Down with Work ! Salon
Obvious Answers The Guardian -
Guaranteed Basic Income - STC
Why unions should fight for basic income -
How can we not afford a basic income - Toronto Star
Excellent video: Who really gets handouts

2013 Links

Excellent 6 min. animation explaining Basic Income (English narration)
David Graeber and Barbara Jacobson on UBI (youtube)
Guaranteed Livable Income Info-Graphic by CPJ (Canada)
Cash handouts in Brazil - Globe & Mail
Pay people for being alive - NYT
Cory Doctorow: Bullshit Jobs and why not 4 hr day
Dangerous Minds - Jobs Are Not The Answer
Freedom from jobs - Elliot Sperber
TechCrunch: After Your Job Is Gone

New Statesman - Most Universal Benefit
Business Insider - Universal Basic Income
Full Employment Fallacy
The Fraud of Jobs
- The Spark of Hope George Monbiot
Thinking Utopian: How about a universal basic income?

Is it time to chuck welfare? - Macleans
Hugh Segal - Vancouver Sun - End Poverty

Detroit, post-industrial decline, robots and the future of capital and labor
3 Right Wing Reasons for a Citizen's Basic Income

2012 Links

CRAPITALISM (iatrogenic vs. livable economics)
Positive Money UK - best short videos explaining money system!
Skidelsky Lecture - How much is enough?
Skidelsky video - employment and basic income
- "the Precariat is growing angry" Guy Standing
CCPA Report - Progressive Economics - Canada
How to win the war on poverty -Slate
A basic income today?

2011 Links

The Politics of Resentment - Jacobin Magazine
Occupy Wall Street Forum on Basic Income
- Parsing the Data and Ideology 'we are the 99%'
Extraordinary Discourse - weekly podcast
Operation Basic Income - Anonymous


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocates guaranteed income 1968 speech - youtube -
- Video: Best short animation explaining Basic Income (English narration)
What America Can't Admit About the Millennial Generation -podcast 2013
Mom, Where Do Customers Come From? (Coaching by Megan) 2016
Getting paid in our Jobless Future - James Hughes 2003
Embrace the End of Work - James Hughes 2004
The Coming Swarm Economy - Rick Falkvinge - 2011
Feeding the World is Easy - Colin Tudge (audio)
Economic Foundations and Environmental Progress (video 2010)
Is the Financial System One Giant Pyramid Scheme? - 2010
Bailout for the People Richard C. Cook - 2009
Separating Survival from Work - Jim Smith 1996
In Praise of Idleness - Bertrand Russell 1932
Anxiety Culture - 1996

Video playlists at Youtube/Livable4All

"Basic Income" on Wiki
Basic Income Abundance Algorithm -

*PD Fernhout - Post-Scarcity Perambulations* (highly recommended)

Pilot Projects
Ontario Pilot Project 2016
Give-Directly 10 year Pilot Project 2016
Guy Standing update on basic income pilot project in India May 2013
UBI Pilot project in India a success: Rupees In Your Pocket May 2013
Namibia (
Papers on the Negative Income Tax experiments in 1970s (U.S.)
A Cherokee Nation's Basic Income Success Story 2014 (U.S.)
Manitoba Mincome - The Town With No Poverty (Full Report 2011)
Manitoba Mincome (2007)
Manitoba Mincome (Hugh Segal 2012)
Manitoba Mincome - 1975 article

Manitoba Mincome - A Town Without Poverty (article 2011)
CBC radio interview with Evelyn Forget Manitoba Mincome 2013
Video - Canada's rediscovered GAI experiment - Jan.2013

Around the World
Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)
Global Basic Income
GBI progress
Greece, Basic Income, and the European Left 2012
I have my own basic income - one man's story 2013
Interview with Philippe Van Parijs 2013

Canadian Social Research - UBI Links
Basic Income
Basic Income Canada

Manitoba Mincome - The Town With No Poverty (Report 2011)
Manitoba Mincome - 1975 article
History of Guaranteed Income in Canada
Canada still lacks national anti-poverty plan
Universal Basic Income - Sally Lerner
The Pictou Statement - Lee Lakeman
Hugh Segal on Poverty and Guaranteed Income (video)
Hugh Segal - Towards Equality (Broadbent Institute 2012)
Croll - Segal guaranteed annual income
Senate Round Table on Guaranteed Income 2008
Rural Poverty Report 2007 - Canada
Canadian Green Party Platform - GLI -2011
A smart government would tackle poverty -Sudbury Star - 2011
Tackle Poverty with Income Guarantee July 2012
An End to the Welfare Trap? (WFP-MB 2012)
Hugh Segal - End Poverty - Lit Review
Is it time to chuck welfare? - Macleans 2013
Hugh Segal - Vancouver Sun - End Poverty 2013

See also Canadian Reports

United States
US Basic Income Guarantee

The Basic Income Guarantee
Alaska Permanent Fund -
The Politics of Resentment - Jacobin Magazine 2012
The Nation: Abundance and Basic Income -
Curious Utopias - Jacobin Magazine
Is UBI really utopian? -
Business Insider - Universal Basic Income
Thinking Utopian: How about a universal basic income? 2013

Citizen's Income Trust (UK)
Basic Income UK
Through the eyes of a benefit advisor 2011
Why Does Everyone Have To Work? Latent Existence 2013
Critique of the Living Wage Campaign - NewsFrames 2012
The Spark of Hope 2013 -George Monbiot
A Republican Call for UBI 2013
Robert Skidelsky - How Much Is Enough (video) 2012
Clive Lord's Blog
Book Review by Simon Duffy: Basic Income: The material conditions of freedom
Coppola Comment - 3 Posts on Basic Income 2013
Speenhamland - an experiment with basic income - 2013
BBC News on Basic Income - (audio) 2013

Revenu de Base
( Réseau Français pour un revenu de base inconditionnel )

Basic Income Ireland
CORI - Jobs Won't End the Poverty Trap
Economic Growth Won't Save Us Anne B. Ryan - 2011 Universal Basic Income Overview 2013

Centre for Welfare Reform - Basic Income Working Paper 2014
Women, Work and A Citizens Basic Income
(book - Ailsa McKay)
Citizen's Financial Rights - Ailsa McKay 2013

Interview with Katja Dahte - 2012

Grudeninkommen TV
Götz Werner interview (english subtitles) 2012

European Union - GLI

European Initiative NL

BIEN Denmark

BIEN Finland

BIEN Sweden

An Initiative to establish basic income

Belgium Network for Basic Income

Basic Income in Spain Makes Sense -
Red Renta Basica

Basic Income Network Italia

Rendimento Básico


Africa should consider BIG
South Africa
South Africans for a Basic Income Grant statement
Debate on BIG for South Africa
South Africa: Govt can afford a basic income grant


How a Basic Income Saved a Village (Spiegel)
Namibia Basic Income Pilot Project
Ethics and Effectiveness of Namibia pilot project
BIG takes off (2007)
First grants given out - 2008
Money raised for 2 yr BIG pilot project


Basic Income India (BINews)

New Zealand
Universal Income Trust -
A Basic Income Grant for paupers and vagabonds

Basic Income Guaranteed Australia

Bolsa Familia

Basic Income News - Japan -

Historical Proponents
Thomas Paine - Agrarian Justice 1795
Henry George & others -
Huey Long
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Buckminster Fuller
Welfare is a Women's Issue 1972 by Johnnie Tillmon -
Robert Theobald - 1965

NYTimes - If I had a Hammer 2014
Rushkoff: Are Jobs Obsolete? - 2011
Robotic Nation - Marshal Brain
Manna - Marshal Brain
Getting paid in our Jobless Future - James Hughes
Embrace the End of Work - James Hughes

Confessions of a Job Destroyer 2013
Meet the robots who will take your jobs G&M 2013
Rise of the Robots - Atlantic Jan. 2013
Guy Standing - The Guardian- Job security a thing of the past May 2013
Confessions of a Job Destroyer 2013
Driverless cars and an end to millions of jobs 2013
The new 1 % - Tech Crunch 2013

Helen Keller: Put your husband in the kitchen 1932
"is it too much to expect that our ingenuity can reorganize our economic system
to take advantage of the machines which we have created?...
if [men] are unable to accomplish the task, we women shall have to send them
into the kitchen for a few lessons in common-sense economics."

SocieoEconomic Democracy - 2002
Basic Income by Lerner, Clark & Needham, 1999
Ending Poverty: A Basic Income for All Canadians - 2002
The Smug Minority by Pierre Perton, 1968
The 30,000 Solution by Robert Schutz
What's wrong with a Free Lunch? by Philippe Van Parijs

If you want info on self-publishing your own ebook, or traditional book,
check 3PennyPublishing's Self-Publishing Resources page.

Guaranteed income and monetary reform by Richard C. Cook
The Morality of Economics by Richard C. Cook
Canadian Bank slams workfare - 2005

Handouts and turkeys won't solve problem - 2008
Guaranteed Income, Guaranteed Dignity
- 2007 Toronto Star

Guaranteed Income - Monthly Review 2007
Life, Liberty and a little bit of cash - Dissent Magazine 2005
Cash not food aid - 2005
See also articles section


-Basic Income Podcast (iTunes) 2016
Review the Future (podcast - ep on UBI) 2015
Joe Rogan on Basic Income (youtube) 2016
Freakonomics on Guaranteed Basic Income - 2016
Extraordinary Discourse Podast
- 2010 ongoing
Changesurfer Radio - Interviews about Basic Income - 2010
What is Money?
- This American Life 2011
C. L'Hirondelle interview on guaranteed livable income -2006
The Pod Delusion - Universal Basic Income (40:24) by Steven Sumpter

New playlists at Youtube/Livable4All

Interviews with Jacque Fresco (Future by Design)

Hugh Segal - Answers to 3 Questions - 2012
Green Party Leader Canada -
Women and Guaranteed income
Ending Women's Poverty Forum 2004 (Sharon Yandle segment 6)
Guy Standing on Working TV
Keiser Report - on Basic Income 2013
Keiser Report - Sitting on their Assets 2016

Related Topics
Mom, Where Do Customers Come From? (Coaching by Megan) 2016
How the Poor are being censored

South Park 1303 Margaritaville (on banks & economics)

Star Trek - The economics of the future
The Charity Industrial Complex - Peter Buffett 2013
The Digital Divide in Victoria BC - (My Help Book) 2014
The Canadian Clearances: CBC Ideas (Jan.4, 06) no longer online
- re small farmers being pushed off the land.
Winston Churchill on Land Monopoly

Jobs vs. Life
Extend non-work domain into younger ages
Guardian 2012

-- Are we ready for the 15 hour work week? Aeon Mag 2012
Working long hours seen as 'manly' 2013
What would a 15 hour work week look like? Forbes 2012
Full Enjoyment not Full Employment
Work is a Four Letter Word
- Alan B. 1994
We need to Re-Work Work 2012
Chronic Stress and Coping with Denial 2003
Minimum Heel Heights for women servers not Safe or Healthy
Time to toss away the Money Measuring Stick (My Help Book)

Blogs & Misc.
Jack Saturday 2016
Basic Income Abundance Algorithm 2012
UVIC Greens 2004
Money and the End of Work - 2004
Debate on Homeless Nation 2007

Pondering GAI in Canada 2006
Towards an economy of the Ingrained Self 2013
Could UBI go mainstream faster than we think? 2013
Basic Income is Dead - Long Live Citizen's Dividend IEET 2012
Basic Income as Innovation Policy 2012
Basic Income - An Idea to Bring Stability to our Economies 2011
7 Jobs We're Glad Are Obsolete 2013

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